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Our guiding principle is that precise and well-executed allocation work, persistance and low costs are essential aspects of providing the client with the best possible results.

Global diversification is the key to our investment strategy

Global diversification is the key to our investment strategy

Our core view is that precise and well-executed allocation work, persistence and low costs are essential aspects of providing the client with the best possible results.

We do not trade actively or make strong, speculative bets based on the opinion of a portfolio manager. Instead, we aim for optimal long-term diversification because it helps us reach targeted returns with lower risk.

Our investment model is based on the latest academic research

At the core of our investment strategy is our proprietary algorithm, which we use to build an optimal portfolio structure for a given risk level. Our algorithm is powered by a multi-factor model that “feeds” on historical data that goes back all the way to the 1970s.

We get our data from many different sources. For exmaple, MSCI, Citibank, the Federal Reserve (FED) and the European Central Bank (ECB). Additionally, we have studied different allocation models thoroughly and our models are based on the latest academic research.

Our model helps us understand which factors affect the long-term return of different asset classes and how both the absolute and relative value of different asset classes move in different market scenarios. From there, we determine the optimal portfolio structure for a given risk level.

Portfolio composition changes with risk level



Share of portfolio at different risk levels


Lower costs, higher returns

Costs matter

Differences in annual fees may seem small, but they have a huge impact on total return when compounded over time.

Our wealth management service is cost effective because our business model is digital. By removing the financial advisor and expensive real estate from the equation, it costs us less to serve our customers. And when it comes to costs, we aim for maximum transparency. Invest with us and you always know how much you are paying in fees.

We invest your money in cost-effective ETFs

We only use liquid, low-cost ETFs (exchange traded funds) in our clients’ portfolios. ETFs usually track different indices and can be used for cost-effective, deversified investing e.g. the equity, bond or commodity markets. The beneift is that by buying a single ETF, the investment is diversified into dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different securities, depending on the ETF in question. And when the right mix of different ETFs is used, even a small portfolio can be diversified globally across different asset classes.


Made for you

Understanding the client is at the core of what we do

For a wealth manager to be able to manage his/her client’s assets in the best way possible, it’s essential to first learn about their preferences and goals.

This is exactly where our investment process begins: We start by asking you various questions about your previous investing experience, financial situation and attitude towards risk.

Based on your answers, we build you a risk profile that we then use to build a custom, personalized investment portfolio that fits your individual needs and preferences.

We create a portfolio that helps you reach your goals

We also factor in specific investment goals. For example, a major purchase or saving for a rainy day. It’s also important to understand your preferred investment timeline.

We’re strong believers in long-term investing. But life is full of surprises and sometimes you need money unexpectedly. We understand this and that’s why we’re always happy to help you choose the right investment strategy.

You are always free to test different options and familiarize yourself with the portfolio we build for you before you decide to invest your money.

Performance tracking is a core part of our investment process


We continuously track your portfolio’s performance

By monitoring performance and by adjusting your portfolio when necessary, we make sure that you’re on track to reach your goals, both today and in the future.

We keep your portfolio balanced

Trading is affected by price fluctuations and changes in target allocation: The faster the value of different instruments moves, the more we need to rebalance the portfolio to ensure that it stays close to your targets.

Our investment strategy shapes the portfolio

If our investment strategy for asset allocation changes, we update your portfolio so that it matches the new strategy and we cover the associated trading expenses.

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