Common questions

  • What makes you better than traditional investment services?

    In short, Evervest is leaner and easier on the pocket compared to traditional investment services and, most importantly, fully independent.

    As we have no huge army of salesmen and we utilize digital tools effectively, our costs are clearly lower compared to traditional operators. We return the saving to our clients via lower fees.

    Our pricing has been made as transparent as possible: You only pay a low, yearly management fee, which includes also trading and custody expenses. We charge no deposit or withdrawal fees.

    We are an independent operator, that really is free to choose the best investment product for its clients. We get no commissions or other kick-backs from third parties. You can always be sure, that we are on your side and will not choose or recommend a bad investment product to get a reward. On the contrary. Our only reward is a happy customer, who continues to use our service and hopefully recommends it to others, too.

  • Can I create an account also for my company?

    Yes, we're happy to serve Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish companies. Click "Get started" and follow instructions.

  • Can I later on invest other amounts, than the monthly investment defined now?

    Yes, absolutely. Your monthly investments do not tie you to anything and you're always free to choose how much to invest. Monthly investments are in any case a smart and easy way to accumulate wealth.

  • Can I move my current investment to Evervest without liquidating them first?

    Unfortunately no. We only accept cash, which will be invested following the principles mutually agreed with the client.

  • Do you offer “investment insurance” solutions?

    No, we do not.

  • How much is your minimum account size?

    We build portfolios for any amount from 500 euros upwards. After the initial investment, there's now minimum for additional deposits.

  • How often is the account value updated?

    Your account value updates once per day, once the exchange has closed for the day, normally before 8:30 pm.

  • I already have an account with Nordnet, is that a problem?

    No problem. We'll simply open another account to be used with Evervest. You'll be able to see your account details also via Nordnet's service, but the account is "locked" and you can't make any changes.

  • My portfolio weights differ from the model. What’s going on?

    We always aim to keep your portfolio weights close to target. Keep in mind, however, that especially portfolios smaller than 1000 euros may differ from the model. This is caused by high unit prices of certain instruments used in the portfolio and is nothing to worry about. If you save monthly and your portfolio grows in value, we always buy those instruments that are still missing from the portfolio or are underweight. Your portfolio’s diversification improves as the size of the portfolio grows.

  • While filling the contract, I was told the “service is not suitable for me”. What’s going on?

    The law requires us to always define, whether our service is suitable for the client. In case your willingness to take risk or capability to bear losses is very low, or your financial situation uncertain, we do not recommend investing in securities. In case you feel our assessment is incorrect, you're always free to start the process over.

  • Why do you need a photo of my id?


    We need a photo of your id to open your custody account. This is an identification requirement of our custodian (Nordnet).

  • How long does it take to open an account?

    Doing the digital “paperwork” is easy and normally takes no more than 10 minutes. This is all the effort needed from you – we take care of everything else. All in all, the process of opening all the accounts and getting your money invested usually takes 3-4 banking days.

  • I reside outside Finland – can I still invest with Evervest?

    You can open an account and become customer, if you live within the European Economic Area (EEA) and you have tax identity number from the local tax authority. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to serve clients, who reside outside the EEA.

  • What happens to my money should Evervest cease to exist?

    Your money is safe even in the extreme case of Evervest ceasing to exist. You own all your instruments directly and they are held in custody by Nordnet. If Evervest was removed from the equation, you would still be able to access your portfolio directly via Nordnet. We never mix our clients’ assets with those of our company.

  • What if I want to make a withdrawal?

    You are free to make a withdrawal at any time. Simply click “More” -> “Withdraw” in the top navigation and follow the instructions. We charge no withdrawal fee.

  • What if I want to quit using Evervest?

    You are free to withdraw all your money at any time and at no exit fees or additional expenses. You simply give the order to withdraw through the service, we liquidate your portfolio for you and transfer all the proceeds to the account you have specified.

  • What is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

    ETFs are similar to conventional investment funds in other respects, except they can be bought at international stock exchanges like equity shares. Most ETFs are passive index funds whose portfolios replicate a given market index as closely as feasible. There are specific ETFs, for example, for the equity markets of most major economic areas and countries. In addition, it is possible to invest in fixed income, commodities and real estate markets through ETFs. The basic idea of ETFs is to provide, with low costs, a position in a securities index. Hence, in contrast with conventional investment funds, ETFs do not usually pick their investments, but rather seek to invest their assets in accordance with an index reflecting the composition of the target market. The idea behind this so-called passive index investing is to achieve the average return of a given market with average risk.

  • Why shouldn’t I just do this myself?

    Creating a portfolio yourself is always an option and we won’t try to keep you from doing so. But keep in mind that rebalancing and monitoring your portfolio requires plenty of attention and time and can result in high trading costs.

    Also keep in mind, that ETF selection is not as trivial-a-task as it may first seem. Remember to familiarise yourself with structure, size, liquidity, domicile and tax implications of all instruments you are considering.



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