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100,000€ investment for 20 years with lower fees could save you


In the example calculation total savings is calculated as a difference in total post fee earnings over the time period. Both cases assume same returns (6 % p.a.) from which the fees are deducted when calculating the annual return. This calculation method takes into account both different in direct fees paid and lost returns from not investing the difference in the fees.

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*You can get started with as little as 500€. We charge a minimum fee of 3€/month for investments less than 5000€ which is waived if you save at least 100€/month.

Rates shown include VAT

Total cost of service consists of Evervest’s management fee and ETF management fees, which are on average 0,31 percent p.a.

No transaction fees

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

No custody fees

There is no charge for holding your funds.

No commission fees

We cover all trading fees.

No exit fees

There is no closing fee.

We choose the best financial assets for you

All Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have a small annual fee. But we always aim to use the most cost effective financial assets when creating your investment strategy.

We never take compensation from financial asset providers, or anyone else.

Low fees, higher returns

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Risk level:
% of Stocks/Bonds /
Average expected return -: % per year
Past performance is no guarantee of future profits and it cannot be used to form a reliable basis for future return or profit expectations. The value of the investment may rise or fall in the future and investors may lose invested assets.

Return graph has been calculated based on average daily returns of real client portfolios at each risk level, after deducting costs. For those periods, during which no real client portfolios have existed, the return has been calculated using weighted average returns of different investment instruments used in model portfolios of each risk level, after deducting costs. The return graph presents our best assessment of different portfolio risk level returns. However, single portfolio’s return may deviate from the presented performance, especially in case of small portfolios with total assets of less than 5000 euros.

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